The most people in Holland choose a Sim Only subscription, why is that exactly and can you save costs?

December 21, 2019 0 By audiblediversion

Many people like to call via a sim only subscription, because these subscriptions offer cheaper call rates compared to prepaid SIM cards. You can only compare the best sim only when, as mentioned above, you have access to your own calling behaviour. So ask yourself the following questions, or look them up through your current phone bills if necessary. One thing is certain, to save money you need some handy tips and get a feeling of all the different sim only aanbieders that might want to sell you a subscription.

  • How many minutes do I call per month?
  • How many SMS messages do I send per month?
  • How many MB of internet data do I use via mobile internet per month?
  • Do I want to use more mobile internet data with Apps like Spotify, Soundcloud or Youtube?
  • How much more mobile data do I want to use?
  • What is my budget? After answering these questions, the comparison module on this page can be filled in as well as possible!

Sim only compare & save money on your monthly costs

Every year, most mobile operators adjust one or more of their sim only subscriptions. The adjustments per sim only deal can vary in terms of: number of minutes, amount of data, internet speed, of course the price, but also a combination of several services. The latter has increased enormously over the past year. Most mobile providers also offer internet at home, or work together with a partner / parent company that does this. Take VodafoneZiggo as an example, or Simyo with KPN. Comparing a sim only sometimes goes a bit further than just comparing your sim only deal itself. So you could benefit even more from combination deals or everything in offers.