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Top 10/10/10 – 10 Scorers, 10 Playmakers, & 10 Defenders

To celebrate this admittedly insignificant event, the staff at Total Footblog selected its 10 favorite players from every category except goalkeepers. We didn’t include goalkeepers because that such a tricky position to judge. A keeper’s stats can be greatly influenced by the quality of the defenders they stand behind. Field players were much easier, and easier is better when your blog generates no income. Besides, it’s 10/10/10, not 10/10/10/10.

And instead of identifying players as strikers, midfielders, and defenders, we opted to categorize them by the role they play since that often transcends the traditional positions they play. For example, Messi may be a midfielder, but most of the time he functions as a striker. Therefore we listed him as a scorer. Yeah, so much for opting for easier!



Pele (source:

1 – Pele
While he never played in Europe, Pele scored 1124 goals in 1184 appearances at the club level along with 77 goals in 92 appearances for Brazil. And let’s not forget that he won three of the four World Cups in which he played.

2 – Eusébio
Eusébio scored 727 goals in 715 appearances for Benfica. He also contributed 41 goals in 64 appearances for Portugal, and was the leading goal scorer in the 1966 World Cup (Portugal lost to England 2-1 in the semi-finals, despite a Eusébio goal).

3 – Ferenc Puskás
Puskás scored 515 goals in 533 European club appearances. Combine that with his 84 goals in 85 appearances for Hungary, and you can forget the fact that – despite scoring a goal in the final against West Germany – he never won a World Cup.

4 – Gerd Muller
Muller scored 398 goals in 453 appearances for Bayern Munich, topped only by his 68 goals in 62 appearances for West Germany. The Bomber scored 10 goals in the 1970 World Cup and went on to score four more in 1974, including the game winner in the final.

5 – Just Fontaine
Fontaine scored 166 goals in 200 appearances for Nice and Stade Reims, along with 30 goals in only 21 caps for France. Thirteen of those international goals came in six matches at the 1958 World Cup (France finished third), a record that still stands today.

6 – Romario
Despite being a bit of a twit (long before Twitter), Romario scored 132 goals in his 155 appearances for PSV and Barcelona, including four league titles and four cups. He also scored 55 goals in his 70 appearances for Brazil and helped them win the 1994 World Cup.

7 – Ronaldo
Cheeseburger jokes aside, Ronaldo racked up some impressive numbers for his club sides: Barca, PSV, Real Madrid, and the Milan brothers. He scored 217 goals in 298 appearances for these top-level clubs and 62 goals in 97 appearances for Brazil, including winning the 2002 World Cup. Despite having a great World Cup tournament in 1998, his poor performance in the final and in the entire 2006 World Cup tournament marred his reputation.

8 – Alfredo Di Stéfano
In his 11 years at Real Madrid, Di Stéfano scored 216 goals in 282 appearances, helping earn eight league titles, five European championships, and five cups. After a brief run with his native Argentina, he went on to score 23 goals in 31 appearances for Spain but never made it to the World Cup finals.

9 – Marco van Basten
Van Basten racked up 218 goals in 280 appearances for Ajax and AC Milan, including six league titles, two European championships, and 11 cups. While his 24 goals in 58 appearances for the Netherlands did not include any in a World Cup final, he did help them win Euro 1988 with a hat trick against England, the game winner in the semi-final against West Germany, and an amazing goal in the final against the Soviet Union.

10 – Lionel Messi
Although he’s only 23, Messi has already scored 134 goals in 221 appearances for Barcelona – not to mention 55 assists. And while he has yet to have much success with Argentina, scoring only 14 goals in 51 appearances, he has already won four La Liga titles, two Champions Leagues, and seven cups with his club side.

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The Repercussions Caused By Cartoons In Children

Nowadays a child begins seeing animations at the age of 8 months as well as becomes addicted to it by the age of 3 years. The animations are marketed in such a way that the kids watch them often. Not all animations are terrible or perverted ones. You need to be worried if your kid is enjoying terrible cartoons consistently. Animes online legendados reveal contents that are not suitable for the small age.

Kids seeing way too much cartoon on television are more probable to be its targets. Investing more time in front of tv can impact kid’s psychological and psychological health. It also can create numerous physical problems like eye as well as brain damage.

The mental study searchings for reveals that kids viewing violence in television can be impacted in lots of methods:
• Kids end up being not troubled by sufferings of others.

• They are more likely to become violent and also hostile.
• Can become much less responsive to pain.
• Not troubled by physical violence.
• They are most likely to harm others.

Kids see their preferred animation characters leaps, dives, and drops from height without being harmed. Such cartoons exhibits false truth as well as really small kids tend to act according their preferred animation characters. And they also believe by doing so they can attract others focus without recognizing the threat of injury included. A lot of the kids grow up using their superheroes dresses and also gizmos. And they do anything to appear like their favorite heroes.

Rapid shade changes and flashes of light with broadband in cartoons can destroy the poles and cones cell of retina. So when you choose a specific anime video clip for your kids, then you must make certain it is ideal for your child do not allow them to enjoy television for long time. Absolutely it is impossible to shield our kid from seeing cartoons on tv as well as you need refrain from doing also as there are many good and informative animations likewise.

Certainly animes are being made use of for instructional objective as they serve as information transmitters as well as stimulators. It can be made use of to show children in a far better way. As a moms and dad it is always far better you watch the animations together with them as well as it is your task to show them the distinction in between fiction and truth. It is true that numerous animes reveals violent components however remember there are additionally many great animes where your youngster can get good details.

Kids viewing as well much animation on television are much more likely to be its victims. Such animes exhibits incorrect truth and also extremely small kids have a tendency to act according their preferred cartoon characters. When you select a certain animation video clip for your kids, after that you need to make sure it is ideal for your child do not enable them to enjoy television for long time. It is difficult to secure our kid from viewing animations on tv as well as you need not do likewise as there are numerous good and also interesting animes.

It is real that numerous cartoons shows terrible contents yet keep in mind there are additionally many very good animations from which your youngster can obtain great information.

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Female Essential Car Accessories

Car accessories are often considered a part of a man’s globe. Yet today, with an equivalent number of women drivers on the road, car suppliers are creating a variety of accessories made simply for women. Several girls (and some older women) love the color pink. So, car accessories which are typically offered in black and also blue are additionally available in pink. One can buy pink wheel covers, child seat covers along with flooring mats. There are flowers designed pink antenna spheres, airborne mattress toppers formed like Betty Boop, Princess, Nurse, fairies, Bumblebees or perhaps a cow girls. These are easily available at several online merchants. Such specialized car devices likewise make fantastic presents for women.

In addition to style point of view, there are some must-have car accessories that every lady-driver have to have in her car. This is particularly essential for those women that typically require to drive late in the evening to-or from job. Below is a checklist top 5 accessories every female rider should have in her car for security, design and comfort:

A tire pressure gauge is a must-have, to inspect the tires from time to time. Tires are one of the most vital safety and security functions of the car. Adequate pressure is essential for the car’s anti-skid mechanism to work. Inadequately inflated tires are not just harmful; they also can cost you a large amount of expenditure in the long run. In addition to that, car jumper wires, first aid kits, flash lights are some vital accessories for maintaining one secure in emergencies.

Various other must-have accessory for a lady’s car is Car seats. These produce a substantial of influence on the general interior look of the car. In addition to the looks, car seats should also fit. Comfy child seat make a lot of distinction on lengthy drives, so one can focus better on driving. Luckily, one has a great deal of option in this issue today; you can choose wonderful looking as well as comfy car seats that recommend you are in control of your car!

If you have pet dogs you can take into consideration purchasing retractable pet dog meals as well as bowls. Mug owners are essential for women driving kids to as well as from football technique. guincho eletrico 12v can be protected against using mug owners.

Women putting on heels will love the car flooring mats that are developed to offer extra supporting for much better poses. These are readily available on the web along with at wholesale merchants so a bit of study can help you make an informed selection. Several flooring mats having actually exquisite patterns developed particularly for the girls are available.

Air fresheners are additionally readily available in different fragrances along with appealing forms. These assist convey quality to the car as well as can be comfortably attached to wind-screens. Aside from these, Car crucial chain rings, car magnets, car vases, certificate plates specifically for girls, are some other remarkable girls’ accessories that can be enjoyable to look for!

Today, with an equal number of women motorists on the road, car makers are coming up with a number of accessories made simply for women. Apart from style point of sight, there are some essential car accessories that every lady-driver need to have in her car. Various other essential device for a lady’s car is Car seats. Luckily, one has a great offer of choice in this matter today; you can pick out fantastic looking as well as comfy car seats that suggest you are in control of your car!

Apart from these, Car vital chain rings, car magnets, car flower holders, license plates specifically for girls, are some other incredible girls’ devices that can be fun to shop for!

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Diceless Dice Game!

I read about this game a few years back, yet had not experienced it very first hand up until this past Labor Day weekend break.

Craps had fun with cards instead of dice!

I was visiting my sis in California and also we decided to go and check this game out at one of the regional Indian Casinos. In California, the gaming legislations enable cards just, you can’t make use of dice or spin a roulette wheel with a ball. Every little thing should be figured out with cards.

Roulette played with cards was equally intriguing, yet I’ll conserve that one for an additional day.

Anyhow, right here is just how it works.

They use 6 decks of cards; each deck has 36 cards (consisting of the 36 different mixes of the dice). Each card has the image of among those mixes (i.e. 6 + 5, 3 + 2, etc.). They are all mixed and put into a device that continuously shuffles all of the 216 cards.

There is no need for a stickman, so the game is handled 2 suppliers and a boxman, the boxman deals with the cards and also the suggestion bets.

The table design is specifically the like a routine craps table with the exception of 2 boxes above the suggestion wagers; one is significant blue the various other is significant red.

Before the deal, the “shooter” selects which color box will certainly be utilized (comparable to choosing 2 of the 5 dice supplied before rolling). That color is after that utilized until that “shooter” sevens out.

3 cards are dealt, one is melted, one is put at a loss box, as well as the other is placed in heaven box. Whichever color box the “shooter” has picked is the card that is exposed and therefore the “roll of the dice”.

All bets and payouts coincide as a routine craps game.

Now here is my take on the game.

The most evident observation is the absence of exhilaration and emotion that usually surrounds the craps table; it doesn’t have the exact same feel and also excitement of a normal dice game. There is something regarding chancing and also requiring a number that makes the game of craps what it is.

Also though they do an excellent task of shuffling the 216 cards, the overall randomness of the roll of the dice is not there.

I recognize the odds are still the exact same, however just like the computer generated numbers in online craps, the total randomness is gone, therefore numbers are somewhat most likely to act according to the probabilities.

I believe this may be the perfect ready the Don’t Pass as well as Don’t Come gambler. The number 7 is most likely ahead up on timetable.

And Bandar Togel Terpercaya of “Don’t” gamblers do not throw the dice anyway, and also seldom cheer or commemorate at the table.

Now, do not misinterpret me, betting versus the shooter is just as excellent of a play as betting with the shooter, it just does not happen to be my way of playing the game.

So for me, this is one game I will certainly put in the column; just not one of my games.

Know your play. Know your means.

David “tHE bIG pOSSUM” Shippey has been gambling enterprise gambling given that 1969 and his enthusiasm is the craps table, yet he has actually had equal success at blackjack as well as roulette.

He is not a specialist casino player, nor a card counter, nor a gambling enterprise shill … He is simply a common individual who likewise takes place to be an author, an advisor, and a casino betting specialist.

While gambling has actually been his lifelong hobby and also not his career, it has actually generated him a great part-time earnings!

I was visiting my sibling in California and also we made a decision to go and check this game out at one of the local Indian Casinos. In California, the gaming legislations allow for cards only, you can’t make use of dice or spin a roulette wheel with a ball. They use 6 decks of cards; each deck has 36 cards (being composed of the 36 different combinations of the dice). Each card has the photo of one of those mixes (i.e. 6 + 5, 3 + 2, etc.). They are all shuffled as well as placed into a device that continuously shuffles all of the 216 cards.

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Can You Select Joy?

I just watched a program in which it was discussed whether it is possible to choose to be pleased. Out of the 3 visitors, a single person considered it possible to select joy and also two individuals said that it is not possible, at least not totally, to pick joy.

What I discovered most intriguing was that it was the woman that claimed that she without a doubt really felt totally delighted who also considered it possible to select joy. Both who said that it is not feasible to choose to this likewise stated that they did not, and also had actually never ever really felt, really feel absolutely delighted. Doesn’t this almost prove that joy is a choice?! Those who are not satisfied naturally do not want joy to be a choice because that would certainly suggest that they are doing something wrong as they have not attained this goal.

Throughout the program I focused on the body movement of the individuals. The delighted woman undoubtedly looked a lot relaxed as well as grinning than the two not-so-happy guests who claimed happiness to not be a choice. I likewise saw a difference in the understanding of happiness between these 2 teams. One female who considered it not feasible to select to be satisfied stated that the days during which she mored than happy were the days without issues (her computer really did not collision, no bills to pay etc). In contrast, the delighted lady stated that she enjoyed also when she was having issues because issues offer her a chance to establish and grow. I believe this shows that it is the way we look at what takes place to us in life that figure out just how satisfied we are. Because we can choose to view problems either as positive possibilities or as irritating disasters, we can likewise select to be pleased.

The satisfied woman said that she does not strive to end up being delighted since this would certainly make joy conditional (I will more than happy when I have a new task, a larger home, found the appropriate partner etc). Instead, she locates joy from remaining in today minute. Happiness is not about having however concerning being.

My verdict is that it is feasible to select joy. It is everything about exactly how we choose to translate what occurs to us and also about finding out to live in the here and now moment. You can select to be happy NOW!

One woman that considered it not feasible to select to be happy stated that the days throughout which she was delighted were the days without troubles (her computer didn’t crash, no costs to pay etc). Since we can pick to watch problems either as positive chances or as annoying catastrophes, we can additionally choose to be satisfied.

The satisfied woman said that she doesn’t strive to come to be happy since this would make joy conditional (I will be delighted when I have a brand-new work, a larger home, discovered the appropriate companion etc).
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