Interviewing Roofing Companies Charlotte NC

January 15, 2019 0 By audiblediversion

Set up an interview with Roofing Companies Charlotte NC to discuss your project. An interview will not only help you to determine if the Roofing Company is capable of handling your project but it will also give you a chance to see how well you’ll work together. Remember that good communication is important to a successful project. Start by asking about their past job experience. The level of experience of a Roofing Company will help you to determine if they have the ability to handle the job. Ask to see a copy of their state contractor’s license and make note of the number. You may need to check this later.


Make certain they have all the necessary insurances. This includes general liability and workers compensation. Request copies of all policies and the contact information for the insurance carrier. Call the department of workers compensation to make certain adequate coverage is in place. If the Roofing Company has no insurance or is under insured, you could find yourself dealing with some expensive damages or paying for an injured worker’s medical bills and other expenses and this could literally cost you your home.

Of course you’ll want to ask Roofing Companies Charlotte NC for references from past jobs but don’t depend on these when making your final decision. Keep in mind that if there are any unhappy customers it’s not likely that you’ll be told about them. Check with the local Better Business Bureau to find out if there are any complaints on file. If there are any you need to find out how they were settled. A single complaint should not rule out a Roofing Company but a series of unresolved complaints is a definite sign of problems.