Four Reasons why We Love Campy B-Movies

July 1, 2020 0 By audiblediversion

When the SyFy channel premiered Sharknado two in the U.S., it was really a smash hit. At least nine million people tuned in, but the majority of those people were not tuning into to enjoy for superior acting or artist cinematography. They wished to visit a goofy, outlandish, mediocre acted B movie.

What Sharknado proves is we love bad movies. But the reason why? What keeps drawing use again to watch movies this way? In the event you explore it, you will discover a few reasons we love bad movies. First, as well as most importantly, is the Internet. We are able to now view free films online, and lots of of such titles, like jack Hunter and The Star of Heaven are available online for free. Below are a few reasons the B movie is once more a favorite of audiences:

1. Access to Movies which are Free

Before, B-movies were relegated to the bottom shelf at the video store. But with the Internet, there’s been a shift. B-movies are currently available to stream online for free, and viewers now have much more access than ever before. This is driving renewed interest in B titles as Death of a Ghost Hunter. However, there are countless titles available as well as most of the very best in campy films are merely a click away.

2. Better Promotion

Not simply can we watch movies online, we’ll discuss them with the friends of ours. Consumers are Tweeting, creating Facebook updates and blogging about their newly found favorite campy films. There are lots of websites devoted to B-movies, and due to this, audiences are assisting these guilty pleasure flicks go viral. Today, more people than ever are cognizant of this genre of film.

3. It is What Audiences Want

Superheroes along with CGI horror flicks are all the rage at the box office. Films today are about the outlandish – robot vehicles that can talk, flying males which dress in costumes – it just makes sense that audiences aren’t completely turned off by a tornado with sharks. Movies nowadays are a lot from reality. Plus, because special effects are so prevalent in mainstream movies, it gives just a little laughter into the picture when you see the FX in campy horror flicks.

4. The Genre is Growing

The way films are now being released today – i.e. straight to TV or perhaps available for online streaming – is changing just how we discover and watch these movies. They are everywhere today.
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